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Talk about something you inherited. (It could be an object, a physical attribute, a belief, etc.) ... Challenge #135

If you ask my sisters, they'll probably tell you that I inherited Grams' penchant for falling in love with the wrong men or loving someone that I really shouldn't love because they are destined to be our enemy. It could also be said that I inherited her penchant for loving demons or evil men or just men who really had no moral code or useful qualities for life.

If you ask me? I'd say that I inherited Grams' ability to see love and goodness where most people would overlook it. I inherited her capacity to love truly and deeply when the other half of my heart finally came into my life.

Grams was in love with a necromancer. She saw qualities in him that no one else either could see or wanted to see. There were times that she followed her heart right into a place of hurt, but she still loved. Oh, I know, she made jokes about men not being good enough for her granddaughters and she was married many times. However, I think she really just wanted to protect us from the heartaches she had gone through.

She approved of Andy for Prue... and of Leo for Piper...

But would she approve of Cole for me?

True, he may not have been the first guy that she would have picked out for me -- either because of the demon thing or the lawyer thing -- but could she have denied or turned away from the love that the two of us obviously have for each other? I'd like to think that she would be able to look past the things most would see as negatives. I was forced to kill him and he defeated death to come back to me. How could she see that as anything but something deep and true?

Yeah, I think I inherited that stubborn tenacity to cling to what I love from Grams. It may be the best thing that I have inherited from her.

Muse: Phoebe Halliwell
Fandom: Misc TV; "Charmed"
Words: 331
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