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Phoebe was exhausted.

She had just pulled a triple shift at the paper and all she wanted to do now was crawl into a comfortable bed and sleep for many days. She locked the door to the offices behind her and started across the deserted parking lot.

The only problem was deciding where she was going to go to sleep.

If she went home to the manor, Cole would think she was snubbing him and he would be hurt.

If she went to the Townhouse to sleep, her sisters (and Chris) would be worried and hurt that she hadn't come home.

This whole battle lines thing between Cole and her family was really beginning to wear on her. It wasn't just the constant sniping whenever they were near each other, it was the tension even when they were in different rooms. She could feel all of their emotions and sometimes it made her head hurt so much she thought she'd go into a coma.

It also irked her because she felt that maybe the family wasn't having trust in her ability to make the right decisions or trust her instincts. It was like they thought they had to protect her from herself. It hurt, badly. She loved her sisters but it was beginning to feel like they didn't think she had the capacity to take care of herself.

That hurt. It was like they didn't trust her.

Yes, the things that Cole had done while possessed by the Source were horrible, but that wasn't Cole. Cole was a completely different person. He loved her and he'd never do anything to hurt her or her family.

Phoebe sighed and rubbed her forehead.

She had found Paige's letter and had read it more than once. She needed to talk to her sisters and clear the air about some things.

She understood that Paige was from a different timeline and that she was worried about seeing Phoebe get hurt from the things she had seen Cole do. But it was different this time. Cole was different.

It wasn't like she had just jumped into bed with Cole as soon as he had shown up again. It had taken a lot of work and a lot of examination of both herself and Cole. Without the help from that mysterious Witch, Jaenelle, she didn't know what might have happened. Jaenelle had told them both to follow their hearts and have faith in their feelings for each other.

Cole understood that she wasn't the same person as before. He wasn't either and they were learning and growing together. They loved each other and there was no evil at work there.

She definitely needed to talk to the two of them. They were worried about her and she was worried about them in turn. They needed to get things worked out between them so that no one could take advantage of the split.

She was leaning against her car when she heard the voice.


She jerked up and looked around the deserted parking lot. She could have sworn she had heard...


It was Prue's voice she was hearing.

She started walking in the direction she had heard the voice coming from. There was nothing but shadows around her, but damn it! That had been Prue's voice.


She was probably losing her mind with all of the stress, but that was her big sister's voice and she wasn't going to ignore it. (Let's forget for the moment that Prue was dead and had been for awhile.)

"Phoebe...I need to speak with you."

She saw Prue materialize a few feet in front of her and she quickened her pace. "Prue!"

She ran to her sister, but when she got to where she had seen her, she wasn't there any longer.


"Prue?" Phoebe turned around and that's when it happened. Her nerves started to bother her and she had the feeling that there was something bad about to happen somewhere. She tried to fight off the feeling, tried to avoid seeing the vision that she was about to see. She took a step back towards the building and that was when something came crashing down on her head.

The blow drove Phoebe to her knees and that's when the vision exploded around her. She saw herself getting attacked by someone that wore her sister's face.

"PIPER!" She screamed in her mind in pain and fear, opening up the link they had forged. "COLE!"

Phoebe struggled to get to her feet, but again something crashed down on her. She tried again to alert her sister to the danger. "Pip-" but she collapsed into unconsciousness before she could finish the thought.


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