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You do realize how much of a hard question that is for me to answer, correct?

In my life, I have experienced all three of these sensations and each has affected me in very strong ways every time they have happened.

However, having grown and having learned from all of the things I have managed to endure, I would have to choose the sensation of vindication -- with a caveat.

Vindication of others that have been hurt or wronged.

A prime example of this would be when mine and Cole's unborn child used his power to destroy the Seer -- who was trying to use his power to kill me and my sisters.

The Seer had done so much to all of us -- and to Cole. She had caused the situation which had enabled the Source of All Evil to possess him and try to ruin everything we meant to each other and had worked for. She had caused me to have no choice but to harm Cole when I helped my sisters vanquish the Source.

When the Seer stole my child and then tried to kill me, he must have decided that he had enough of this. He turned his powers back on the Seer and destroyed everyone in that chamber that were a threat to me and my sisters.

Even as I mourned the loss of my son, I felt pride in him for what he had done. I also felt vindication for Cole. Our child had managed to get some form of justice for what the Seer had done to him.

Muse: Phoebe Halliwell
Fandom: Charmed
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