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[insert character name] Vs. [insert word of choice here]; It's war! Describe yourself fighting against [insert opponent subject here].

Phoebe Vs. Evil; It's war! Describe yourself fighting against The Source Of All Evil. ... Challenge #155

He's wanted my sisters and I dead for about as long as we have been alive. When we finally came into our powers, it was that much more of a desire of his. He even sent one of his best killers, Belthazor, back into the past in an attempt to destroy our bloodline so that The Charmed Ones would never be born.

Of course, I then did something that made him want me dead on a more personal level.

I turned Belthazor... Cole... against him and the Underworld.

The battles got more deadly after that as I was not only fighting for the lives of my sisters and I, but for the soul of Cole as well. He sent more and more plagues after us and somehow, we always managed to defeat them and thwart the Source.

We had always beaten him... until the day we didn't.

That was the day he sent Shax after our innocent. We thought we had vanquished Shax and then I went to free Cole from the influence of the Source.

Only, we hadn't vanquished Shax and the Source sent him after Prue and Piper. He killed my sisters. In desperation, after Leo told us what had happened, I struck a deal with the Source. If he got his demon Tempus to reset time so my sisters would live, I would stay in the Underworld forever, and the power of the Charmed Ones would be no more.

It shouldn't have surprised me that he lied.

It shouldn't have surprised him that after he let Prue die, I managed to get out of the Underworld.

The Source has been my enemy on very deep and personal reasons. First he killed Prue... and then he took my husband.

A worse enemy he could never have.

My sisters and I vanquished him... and I sit and wait for a sign that he's back. If he does come back?

He won't live long enough to regret it.

Muse: Phoebe Halliwell
Fandom: Misc TV; "Charmed"


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