Mar. 29th, 2007

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Oh god. Do you have about a year for me to list every mistake in every relationship that I have ever made? Because, you know, I've really made a lot of them. I've never claimed that I was perfect, and I admit that sometimes no matter how hard the guy tries, I just manage to screw things up.

I dated a lot in high school and then after graduation when I ran away to New York. None of the guys I dated ever seemed to satisfy whatever it was I was looking for and the relationship would end after a couple of weeks -- if that. The one guy that lasted longer than a couple of weeks during that time was Clay, but then I ended up leaving him because his life was a bit more dangerous and risky than I was ready for.

Then I came back home and learned what real risk and danger was.

Coming home introduced me to real danger when I discovered my sisters and I were witches -- and then two years later I fell deeply and completely in love with Cole Turner.

Cole was different from any guy I had ever known and I just had to be with him. There was something deep and electric between us. Even after I found out he was a demon, I couldn't stop loving him, and believe me, I tried.

The biggest mistake I made in our relationship? Not listening to him when he was set up to kill a witch. He tried to tell me and I wouldn't listen. I was too upset and too hurt -- and too convinced that he had betrayed us.

It was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made... and the one that I should have learned from.

But I didn't. And I made an even bigger mistake a year later.

And that is another story for a less painful time.

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