Sep. 11th, 2006

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Monogamy is something very important to me as I am not really much for sharing the man I love with other women. It's somewhat nice to know that I'm the only one he loves and the only one he wants. There are times that he is my sanctuary and my comfort --- he's the one I know that I can always find safety with.

Cole is my soulmate and there really is no room in my life or my heart for another man. Knowing that he feels the same way about me gives us both strength in our everyday lives. When I'm facing a new threat to my life or my sanity, the knowledge that I have Cole gives me that extra burst of strength to get through the crisis of the week.

The fact that we have a monogamous relationship makes me feel special in his life. It's not something that I am in any hurry to give it up.

Muse: Phoebe Halliwell
Fandom: Misc TV; "Charmed"
Words: 160
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The wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing...

I believe that sentiment whole-heartedly, even if sometimes I can get carried away with wanting to get revenge or pay back for things that happen in my life and the lives of my loved ones. I have a temper. I have an attachment to those I love and I have strong feelings about what should be considered acceptable behavior.

I have a penchant for thinking up the perfect revenge for people. I have even carried it out a couple of times, believing that I was in the right and that what I was doing was justified.

Then I realized that any act, no matter how small it may seem, can change the course of your future and set events into motion that you cannot hope to stop.

My sisters and I got a mild taste of that when we used our powers to give a guy who walked his dog a taste of his own medicine. This man would walk his dog and allow it to do his business on the sidewalk and then leave it there. Piper froze the scene, and Prue moved things around where he would step in the mess.

Ten years later that same man had organized a new series of witch hunts and prosecutions and I ended up being burned at the stake --- literally.

I learned an important lesson that time.

No matter how feasible or deserving revenge seems, it usually isn't worth the consequences and the aftermath.

Muse: Phoebe Halliwell
Fandom: Misc TV; "Charmed"
Words: 256


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