Feb. 24th, 2006

phoebe_halliwell: (C/P It's All Coming Back : Ishara)
*Phoebe sighed and shook her head.*

Something that I wasn't supposed to have heard or know? There are so many things that could fit into that category.

I guess the one that sticks out the most is how I found out about Cole --- even though I didn't "overhear" that so much as Leo flat out told me.

The triad had been trying to kill us for awhile, and they had sent one of the Source's top assassins to destroy and kill us. They sent Belthazor... in the nicely packaged form of Cole Turner.

I fell in love with the man who was sent to kill us. Of course, I didn't know that at the time. He was just always around and in my naivete and heart in my eyes world, I just figured it meant he was keeping a close eye on me. He was, just not to protect me like I had thought.

I found this out about a week after Belthazor's latest attack on us. Cole hadn't called or gone to work in all of that time and I was worried that something had happened to him. I went to his apartment and found him and he was hurt, badly. He wouldn't go to the hospital and didn't want me to tell anyone where he was.

But I couldn't watch him die... so I went and got Leo. I guilted Leo into healing Cole... and that's when I found out a secret I was never meant to know.

Cole, the man I loved and who was my soulmate... was the demon sent to kill me and my sisters.

It was something I was supposed to die before knowing... and it ripped my world apart for awhile.

Muse: Phoebe Halliwell
Fandom: Misc TV; "Charmed"
Words: 290


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